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In-person real estate showings are largely resumed or continuing, but many people continue to feel more comfortable with the remote experience. Much like remote and distanced education, it’s very likely that the virtual experience will continue to be a popular option in the future. Being able to tour a home at a distance is incredibly useful for investors and sellers alike. While nothing can really prepare a buyer for a home-like an in-person viewing, virtual tours are still effective in allowing a preview of the home. Keep in mind that the limitations of a virtual tour are also benefits – without the ability to freely wander or inspect, the seller has more control over what can be seen. This is great for presenting the exact image of the home that is desired. However, it also can cause buyers to be more cautious as they have concerns about ‘hidden dangers’ or faults. For both buyers and sellers, virtual tours can have the best benefit by being as open and honest as possible.


Have the Floor Plan on Hand

When preparing a floor plan, you want to have a good understanding of the floor plan so that you can naturally and smoothly display the full breadth of the space. Buyers will want to have a complete picture of the home, and any bits of information that are missing in the tour could be a pain point later. If you’re going on a virtual tour, then you’ll want to do the same thing. Have a copy of the floor plan to follow as you go through the tour. A floor plan is very poor at providing the image of your home, but it helps you keep track of anything that might be missing from the tour that you can inquire about later.


Be Ready for a Close-Up

Property condition is a critical part of home-buying. When viewing a virtual tour, don’t hesitate to ask for a closer look at important facets of the home condition – high-traffic floors, electrical panels, and the like. A camera can’t replace the eye but having a closer view can keep you from missing things like cracked kitchen cabinets, warped baseboards, or other common signs of poorly maintained homes. Make sure to use a large screen for the best evaluation – use your laptop, or connect it to your television, for a larger field of view. For sellers, remember that buyers just want a clear picture of what they are getting. Investing in a quality mobile streaming camera can provide your virtual tours with a vastly improved experience when compared to a simple phone-stream.